Open a store at

If you are a Merchant and want to open a Store on, first of all find out about all the information regarding the cooperation with on the page HERE. (a new TAB will open and you will be transferred to the page).

If you want to directly visit the page with the instructions for the cooperation request, click HERE (a new TAB will open and you will be directed to the page, the page of the Merchants.)

When you are up to date click HERE to complete the cooperation request (you should be logged in to your account, if you don't already have an account on Marketplace, click HERE to open in a few seconds, a new TAB will open). 

  1. Fill in the details. The more information you wish to fill in, the better for the immediate evaluation of the partnership.
  2. On receipt of your request we will consider whether we need any other information from you for the initial assessment. If everything is in order, we will send you the contract, the terms of cooperation and the rest of the information that you need to give us for the start of the cooperation (whatever from the list below exists and you did not send us with the initial request).
  3. As long as you agree and sign the contract, our cooperation starts immediately.
  4. Fields with an asterisk (*) are mandatory.